World March brochure (English)|
World March brochure (Spanish)
International Endorsements (PDF) 9/20/2009
US Endorserments (PDF) 9/20/2009
World March USA at-a-glance 10/01/2009
On December 2nd the World will March in the USA! (PDF) 11/8/2009

The World will March in New York City - NOVEMBER 30th, 2009 (PDF - COLOR BROCHURE) 11/8/2009
The World will March in New York City - NOVEMBER 30th, 2009 (PDF - B&W BROCHURE) 11/8/2009

Bulletins: Oct 2008; Nov 2008; Dec 2008; Jan 2009; Feb 2009; March 2009; June 2009; July 2009; August 2009 9/7/2009
Posters:Yes We Can; WE CAN DISARM
Save Space for Peace Week flier (PDF)
Invitation Letter to Organizations / Celebrities (samples) 9/9/2009
World March Creative blogspot

October 2nd, Wellington. Start of the March. Rafael de la Rubia 10/02/2009
May 8 Presentation of Rafael de La Rubia to UN (Word)

Charter for a World without Violence 11/23/2009
World March for Peace and Nonviolence Talk By David Krieger on December 2, 2009
Nonviolence At a Glance
Global Arms Trade 2004 - Fact Sheets
Military vs. Social Spending: Warfare or Human Welfare
Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes
Big Picture Small World
Nonviolence in a violent world (Talk)
World March Pledge to Protect the Children 10/22/2009

"All We Need" by WAZ (MP3) 9/7/2009
"We Want Peace on Earth" by Mark Lesseraux (MP3) 9/7/2009
Let the guns go to sleep (Fernando Jimenez - MP3)
Radio Spot (MP3)

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